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Pedasi and its environment

Pedasi is a tranquil little town situated at the southeast corner of the Azuero Peninsula. It is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that lead to pristine and still unspoiled beaches.
You will be welcomed and charmed by the friendliness of its inhabitants.

This small town has all the necessary amenities: restaurants, a supermarket and smaller convenient stores, hardware store, post office, two banks, health center, library with internet connection, a tourist office (ATP) and an airport.

Pedasi has kept its folklore and traditions alive. Among the main celebrations are the Carnival held in February and Santa Catalina (the patron saint) at the end of October or beginning of November.

Pedasi is 1, 5 mile from the Pacific coast. Its water is well known and sought after by fishing and diving aficionados for the abundant and rich sea life. At night, nature lovers can observe giant turtles lay their eggs on the local beaches. Humpback whales mate and give birth in the warm waters along the coast.

Pedasi is served by a road in very good condition and a small airport. It is a 4 hour drive from Panama City.

Los Santos Province

Covering the southeastern third of the Azuero Peninsula, Los Santos Province is home to cowboys, statuesque people and gorgeous beaches. It was here that Panama’s cry for independence from Spain was first uttered. And still its residents take great pride in their Spanish history, and showcase it in folkloric festivals, like the Fiesta de Corpus Christi in Villa de Los Santos and the Fiesta de Santa Librada in Las Tablas, that date back to the first settlers.

The “Santenos”, as its residents are called, are the friendliest and most animated in Panama. For the past 100 years or more, they have known only racial harmony, and share a strong sense of community pride.