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The peninsula of Azuero is known as the cultural heartland of Panama. Its traditions and folklore are very much alive today. There are many religious and folkloric festivals.

SANTA CATALINA: the patron saint of Pedasi is celebrated at the end of October or early November. There is a religious procession in the streets of the village and a folkloric parade.
CARNAVAL: 5 days of endless celebration in February. The most elaborate in the country is in Las Tablas (25 miles away).
SEMANA SANTA (Easter week): in March or April. Religious processions in the streets of the village.
CORPUS CHRISTI: religious holiday celebrated in the city of Los Santos (30 miles away).
SANTA LIBRADA: the patron saint of Las Tablas is celebrated in July. It is a religious festival as well as a folkloric event, with activities related to the national costume of Panama (the Pollera).
LA MEJORANA: celebrated in Guarare (27 miles away) in September. Celebration of the traditional music of Panama. Many concerts and competitions and a folkloric parade on Sunday.